24 Feb 2012

Mississippi Eppicard

Eppicards - How Your Card Works and What to Expect
By Neal Hendes

To qualify for a Mississippi Eppicard there are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled, the main two being that you need to be approved to receive benefits and live in the said state. If you live outside of the catchment area to receive one, then likely hood is you will eligible for an Eppicard corresponding to the state you live in.

Eppicards are the new way of receiving your employment and security benefits which make it easy and accessible, bringing the system right up to date with the modern way of living and current technology. Previously people living in the Mississippi area would collect their payments the same way as every other state. On a monthly basis you would wait for your check to arrive in the mail and then take the journey to bank it in town before waiting for the funds to clear. It's all change with the new system and means waiting for funds are a thing of the past, everything is now done electronically and you don't have to do a thing in order to get your money.

Accessing your cash and details.

This new system makes it easy to access your funds and statement information on your account. All card holders will have a personal login and PIN number to use on the Mississippi Eppicard website giving instant information such as current available balance and transaction history. If you're on the street then using an ATM machine will also be able to provide a certain level of info.

To spend the money within your account is easy, simply use the Eppicard the same way you would a normal debit card or with draw from an ATM machine. The only thing you can't do is get any form of credit applied to your card so you can only spend what you have. The standard charge for withdrawing money from an ATM machine is $0.95, other charges you might incur are as follows; $0.50 for an ATM balance enquiry, $0.50 for an ATM "denial due to insufficient funds" notice but only after the third attempt and this applies per month so you get another three attempts for free the following month. Monthly Account Access via integrated voice response service (IVR) is $0.50 after the fifth attempt per month, ordering a new Eppicard is $5 and to get it delivered super fast will incur an additional $10. Some ATM's may also apply their own charge for using their service which will be displayed on screen with an option to reject the service so you are aware of it before committing. The best way to use your card as to not incur fees is to pay for goods in stores upon checkout and accessing your account info online which is free, providing you have an internet connection.

Further information and advice about the Mississippi Eppicard can be obtained free of charge by visiting our site http://www.eppicard-support.com. Here you can find plenty of information not only about the Mississippi Eppicard but other state cards also. If you have a burning question we will also do our best to answer it for you, so feel free to get in touch.

Article Source: Eppicards - How Your Card Works and What to Expect

6 Mar 2010

Eppicards - child support payment method

Eppicards are the way to receive child support payments

In the past eppicards didn't exist and it was commonplace to receive your child support money from the government by check. The check would land on your door mat on a monthly basis then you would bank the check and have to wait for the amount to clear before you could then draw the money for spending.

In modern times technology has developed very quickly and the method of the check is fast becoming out dated. The US government has taken the decision to elimintae the child support check and replace it with a credit card style system known as the eppicard. Everyone in the US who receives child support will have one of these new cards and they are dealt with by each individual state, therefore having different eppicards for the state you live in.

The new eppicards allow mothers to get their payments on a monthly basis as before but now you dont have to wait for the payments to clear and go out of your daily routines to bank the check. The credit is instant. This means you can use the eppicard in the same way you would a normal debit/credit card. For example drawing cash from atm's and using it to pay for goods in a shop. The eppicard will not however provide you with any credit, you can only ever spend the credit balance available on the card.

Each state has a designated website to tell users of their specific rules and usage details. You can also check your balance online. It's a good idea to check your related website to see which cash machines your card can be used in and if there is any charges involved.

Browse this website for further eppicard information.